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Lightframers is a media company specialized in cinematic film and photography. We’re home to music videos, short films, personalized ads, and photoshoots.


To give you idea of what we’re making! Here are some of our most recent commercial film projects.


Lightframers is a media company specialized in cinematic film and photography. We’re home to music videos, short films, personalized ads and photoshoots.


Lucas Snijder was busy making films with a small handheld camera from a young age. A passion grew. Since then, he always wanted to become a filmmaker. With Jasper Drouven he attended, since the age of 13, multiple film contests in the Netherlands, mostly successful.  They became more and more serious and eventually, Lucas Snijder decided to turn his hobby into work. Thus Lightframers was created.

Lightframers specializes in cinematic films. Films that move the audience with the usage of moody light, personal screenwriting, and realistic acting. Our goal is to establish a film that composes a strong message whether the film is a music video, short film, or personalized ad. We believe that everybody has a unique worldview. The illumination of these different world views creates environmental awareness and therefore an integration of the story among the preferred audience. Translate your story into an inspiring message with Lightframers.


Besides commercial film, our expertise lies in short films. Here are some of our most recent and relevant projects. 

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In this comedy short; a young girl tries to orientate herself in her social life. However, when it comes to social interactions she finds it to be quite difficult. So she gets a little help from her brother. We shot the film as a 48-hour film project. We liked the story so, in the end, we fine-tuned it a little bit more after the 48-hours. The film is Directed by Lucas Snijder and shot by Jasper Drouven. It was a fun experiment to make a film in 48 hours and we wouldn’t be able to make this film without our great actors Madelief Schram and Justin Ripassa.


Is a Psychological thriller about a violinist who rediscovers her trauma and the reason why she actually plays the violin. The film is based on the occurrence where people frequently sense pressure, consciously or unconsciously, from their parents to choose a certain profession. The film is directed by Lucas Snijder and shot by Jasper Drouven. Starring the talented Gabrielle Hofmann. 

Video afspelen
Video afspelen


Is a short film about memories of a relationship. A story of fragments that maps the recollections of a phase of life. We wanted to hold a neutral stance on the psychological perspective on the topic of nostalgia. The film is shot and directed by Lucas Snijder. Starring Gabrielle Hofmann and Arne van der Esch. 


A Passion project Music video shot with the intent to explore our capabilities in an experimental montage. We’ve made the film with the talented Models and dancers Laureen Kinanawa and Tony Mozes. We still recall the relaxation on the shooting day and our directional approach was to give them, as they knew each other a long time, the direction to: “just relax have a nice day and let us do the filming”. In the end, we saw this relaxed ambiance coming to life in the video and we were very pleased with the summer vibes. This film is shot and directed by Lucas Snijder. 

Video afspelen
Video afspelen


A short film about paranoia. The concept of fear witholding one to live life to the fullest. We made this film to explore the possibilities of translating a philosophy in film. The film is shot by Jasper Drouven and directed by Lucas Snijder


Video afspelen

All progress stars somewhere. our very first short film.

We made our very first film when were 14 years old. We feel quite nostalgic about the project as our serious film endeavours started with this short film. So however cringy and awkward it might be, we wanted to show our first film. Oh and we won’t spoil what it is about, you’ll see!